Samsung 837 Washington


Projects don't get much bigger than a two and a half story video wall. As part of Samsung's customer engagment transformation, I lead a team responsible for scheduling and delivering content for the 96 screen display wall and the projection VR wall. This included custom scheduling software (front and back end), digital asset management, content ingestion, and media playout. It also included a visual control panel that was specifically designed to be visible to the public.

Projects like this do not happen overnight. I built a demo lab in California to test the various parts as well as the content. I worked closely with the design agencies consulting on what would work and not work in the space, not just technically but creatively (watching spinning video from the second floor - better get a mop).

One particular challenge was to get high quality content to look sharp and match the theme of the VR projection wall. I created a mask using ffmpeg that the DAM used on ingestion to apply a design to look like the user was looking through the Samsung VR headset.

If you find yourself in NYC, I highly recommend checking 837 out, it is quite an experience.