• Lead Creative Technologist, API Developer, Zoho Workflow Developer


  • June 2017 - March 2018

If only there was an easy way for brands and artists to easily find each other and negotiate terms of influencer campaigns. Now there is! came to me seeking a development team that could build out their campaign management SaaS platform. We concepted several ideas to make this work but there were some interesting requirements. The artists data needed to be pulled in from other sources, we needed to calculate an artist's influencer score, and we needed to handle contract management and messaging.

For the MVP we decided to use a CMS to handle all of the content and a CRM to handle all of the leads, contracts, and workflow rules including messaging. I decided to use Zoho for the CRM given the budget on the MVP and the fact that it has a fairly robust API.

The app is currently live in Beta and has been seeing some great success.