Downtown Santa Cruz


Everyone knows that housing and city planning can be a hot topic for any growing community. Santa Cruz is especially sensitive to these issues. the Downtown Association approached us to help out at an event they were hosting for local business owners to highlight future plans for the city. This was an open house style event with drinks (during) and dancing (after).

I brainstormed several ideas with them and we came upon a novel idea. There was a new mixed use property opening up early the next year and they wanted to showcase the property to the guests but it was off limits since it was still under construction. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use our telepresence bot from OhmniLabs and allow guests at the event to tour the new apartments on their own.

After a few logistical issues (no electricity means no Internet and no lights) we were able to have a very successful event. Some guests did not want to give up their new remote power and they had to be "enticed" to let others have a turn.